Thursday, October 6, 2011

Covering Ground

We finally made it home, after six long weeks of jumping from one time zone to another, and somehow each route managed to be more complicated than the one before. Missed flights, delayed flights, hassled baggage, packed trains, shady cabs, and Hurricane Irene. But its always worth it.
We Started in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where my good friend Steve Wimmer took tattoo of the day on Saturday. From we headed a little closer to home, for the 2nd Annual Wildwood Tattoo Beach Bash. We kept it mellow and enjoyed the fleeting days of summer, but I still came home with these.

Its been a while working on the pieces I got to show, but both still have some hours before I'll be happy to say they are completed.

From there, Shane Oneill and myself headed to Paris. This year the show had moved from odd location to another. We were working the top level in a circus tent, which was as interesting as it sounds, aside from the heat, and the french KISS cover band. Took home Tattoo of the Day Saturday, for a graffiti-influence day of the dead girl, pictures to come.

And from there, London. Shane Oneill, Steve Wimmer,  and myself set up shop, and grinded the week out. Working at home, we get to experience day to day people from one state or another. When over seas, every day is a different country, language, accent, set of expressions, and sense of humor. As much of an experience it is figuring out how to communicate from one day to the next, the enthusiasm of every collector is always clear, and it is always appreciated.
When Jamie hit me up to set up an appointment, he had also told me that he also had an appointment set up with Carlos Rojas at the London Convention. The date I was able to set up for him was two days prior to his appointment with Carlos, and knowing the quality of the artists who were going to see the piece, the pressure was on before I even knew what kind of piece I was doing. When Jamie showed up, he walked in the door with a full sleeve from Jose Lopez, a half sleeve from Chuey Quintanar, and and his whole ribs done by Jun Cha. My day would have been complete just being able to stare at the work these guys had done for an hour or two, but I was given the honor of making my mark next to theirs. This was was what I was able to send him home with.

Thank you sincerely for the opportunity.

Last but not least, and certainly the most exhausting, Las Vegas. As tempting as it is to soak up the bright lights of Vegas, we were here to work. This year I was hyped to set up in a booth with my good friend BJ Betts, and homies Dan Smith and Loko T

And every night was a late one.

It's good to be away, but it's great to be home. More coming soon enough.

Next on the list, Richmond, VA - November 2011, Brooklyn, NY - December 2011, Brighton, UK - January 2012, Los Angeles, CA - March 2012.
Email for appointments.


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  1. Very dope style and clean work, keep grinding your gonna be a legend.